The official authorities took some measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, this to provide maximum protection for the most vulnerable groups in our society and to protect our health system.

They also emphasized the importance of the continuation of economic activities, of course with the greatest sense of responsibility. We would like to inform  you about the guidelines and measures that have been taken to provide maximum protection for our customers, employees and all other stakeholders during our activities. 


 All our employees have already been informed about the government’s recommendations regarding personal hygiene and (limited) interpersonal contacts. For this reason we avoid physical encounters and we wash our hands regularly. As usual, our employees in the workshop wear gloves and we take breaks in shifts to reduce the number of people in one room. Our digital infrastructure makes it possible to maximize outwork. All our shared service employees work from home and we schedule online meetings. In this way our centres remain accessible.




The guidelines regarding interpersonal contact apply as well to all our external contact points to optimally protect you and our employees.

  • Our claim handlers will also wear gloves during the expertise of your vehicle (if appropriate) and will keep the necessary distance.
  • We work as much as possible with digital damage assessments to limit the number of physical encounters.
  • We protect the car both during repair and the pick-up (masked steering wheel, disinfection of the door handles, ...).
  • We completely clean our replacement vehicles and disinfect them before every rental.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently. We emphasize that we can guarantee the same service and we have made every effort to ensure a smooth and safe passage.

20200313 Cryns Corona maatregelen SOME.jpg
20200313 Cryns Corona maatregelen SOME.jpg
20200313 Cryns Corona maatregelen SOME.jpg