Driven by state of the art car repair

Cryns has been guaranteeing qualitative damage repair since 1944. It is in our DNA to search continuously for the latest repair techniques and to offer a fast no-nonsense service. 


Pure quality

Craftsmanship is a common thread within our organization. Our Modern Craftsmen deliver craft, using the most modern techniques. We are in continuous dialogue with our partners to keep refining them. Quality labels such as Eurogarant, Sustainable Repair and Long Life Repair endorse our services.


Top service

We go for a smooth handling in all comfort. That is why our entire administration goes digital to help you quickly and accurately. You stay mobile thanks to our very good and comfortable replacement vehicles. 


We offer tailor-made solutions for both private individuals and professional fleets (leasing companies, corporate fleets).


Our trump cards: 

  • Premium replacement cars
  • A 5-year warranty on every repair
  • We clean you car both on the inside and on the outside after every repair.
  • We are experts in SMART Repair. We choose to repair locally as much as possible.
  • Cryns has the Sustainable Repair label.
  • All Belgian insurance companies recognize us. 
  • Digital services.
  • National presence

Digital service

Quality guarantee

Premium replacement cars

National distribution

Digital service

Quality guarantee

Premium replacement cars

National distribution

Our roots

The history of Cryns dates back to 1944, when Louis Cryns established the first branch in the Zwaardstraat in Antwerp. Louis Cryns and his brother Henry generated the first rapid growth of the bodywork, which soon made the first building too small. As a result, they decided to open a second branch. 


  • 1964. The roads of brothers Louis and Henry separate. Henry continues the body shop in the Coveliersstraat, Louis and his son Ronald in De Wittestraat.
  • 1980. The branch in De Wittestraat expands with a spray booth with 3 preparation zones and a Korek alignment floor.
  • 1982. Son Ronald takes over the company.
  • 1993. Move to the current location in the Vredebaan in Mortsel.
  • 1994. The quality of Cryns results in a 100 % sales increase
  • 1995. Cryns Bodywork Centre obtains the ISO-9002 certificate.
  • 2003. The second branch in Zwijndrecht Westpoort opens. 

In 2011 Johan Van Deursen took over Cryns Bodywork Centre from Ronald Cryns. He was able to build upon the already acquired strong reputation of Cryns in Antwerp. Van Deursen strengthened Cryns' growth strategy through thorough digitization and further acquisitions. For example, Cryns not only offers its well-known quality for private individuals, we also offer a strong solution for professional fleets.




  • 2013. Mr. Verleye hands over the body shop Afford in Nivelles to Cryns to ensure progress.
  • 2014. Acquisition of Body shop Detaille in Liège
  • 2015. Acquisition of body shop Van Hee in Eke-Nazareth
  • 2015. Mercedes-Benz Belgium hands over its activities in Anderlecht to Cryns Bodywork Centre.
  • 2018. Acquisition of the body shop from PSA Retail Belgium in Mechelen
  • 2019. Acquisition of the Body shop Verhelle & Rubias Awans
  • 2020 Acquisition of Carrosserie Jan Hanssens at Kortrijk, the first repair center in West Flanders.
  • 2021 Acquisition of Cars Selection in Etterbeek, our second repair center in Brussels.
  • 2021 Acquisition of Carrosserie Putzeys in Hasselt, the first Cryns bodyshop in the province of Limburg.

In 2016, the Damage network was established to unite more than 20 repairers with the same vision.


In 2020, Cryns joined the German IRS (Intelligent Repair Solutions) Group, which provides additional support in terms of expansion and development regarding our repair techniques. More information is available on their website.





Our vision

Every stakeholder within every domain of bodywork needs to be continuously monitored and evaluated. For each market segment, we must fulfil exactly those requirements and wishes that are necessary to achieve complete satisfaction of each party involved.

Quality policy

Cryns continuously works on its quality policy and meets all quality standards required within the industry. For example, it has the Eurogarant label, which is a renowned quality label within the bodywork sector.

Cryns has also been awarded with several other labels. We opt for sustainable repairs by limiting waste, replacing fewer parts and using sustainable products.

For each repair we measure customer satisfaction. This feedback will help us to keep continuously working on a maximum customer satisfaction. Cryns achieves a score of 9 out of 10.

Quick service
Certified and recognized
More than 20 repair centres
Quality as a trump card
Pure craft
Most modern techniques

Our newsletter

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