Terms and conditions

Article 1.


Unless there are conflicting provisions, expressly confirmed by us in writing, all sales, deliveries and services are considered to be concluded under general conditions stated below:


Article 2.


Offers are entirely without obligation.


Article 3.


Prices stated orally, as well as in price lists and catalogs, are purely informative and do not bind us. Prices, discounts and / or general conditions can always be changed without prior notice.


Article 4a.


All our deliveries and repairs are payable in cash with no discount before leaving our workshop and warehouse.


Article 4b.


If for some reason the payment had not been made, the day of issue nevertheless remains the maturity date. At the latest, the amount must be paid, by transfer to our postal or bank account, within five days of receiving the invoice. 


Article 5a.


In the event of non-payment on the stated maturity date, an interest of 10% will be charged by operation of law and without any warning or notice of default, from the maturity date.



Article 5b.


In addition, the amount of the invoice will be increased by a fixed and indemnifiable compensation of 15% with a minimum of € 50, by operation of law, if the customer has not paid within eight days after the date of sending a registered notice of default and without an acceptable reason for defense, invoked within that period.


Article 6a.


The repair of accidents (both the customer's fault and right), must be paid before leaving our workshops. Indeed, the repairer has absolutely nothing to do with the regulation of accidents with the insurance companies involved.


Article 6b.


If we have drawn up an exact quotation after an accident, we reserve the right to charge our customer an amount of € 150 if they do not entrust us the repair. 


Article 7.


If our staff uses the customer's car to make trips, the latter is responsible.


Article 8.


Force majeure accidents such as; strike, machine breakdown, weather, frost or black ice, release us from all responsibility regarding the implementation of deadlines. Our premises (mountain workshops) are not heated in winter. The customer should ensure that the car is equipped with the necessary anti-freeze products. Freezing damage is therefore outside our responsibility.


Article 9.


Complaints shall be no longer accepted if they have not been notified within eight days of delivery / performance.


Article 10.


All disputes  are exclusively settled by the courts of Antwerp.


Article 11.


The guaranteeing company takes over, for the part repaired by it, the guarantee granted by the manufacturer with a minimum of 2 years, with the exception of the replaced parts for which the duration and conditions of the guarantee are limited to those given by the relevant manufacturer.