Meet Donkey Sjot


Cryns Bodywork Centre supports the Donkey Parade, an initiative of artist Ludo Modelo for the benefit of De Kampenhoeve vzw and the Antwerp City Pirates. The branch in Waasland welcomed a new mascot.

You may have encountered them once, the colourfully painted donkeys of the Donkey Parade. They were put on display this summer in numerous prominent public places in Flanders.


The Donkey parade is an initiative of Ludo Modelo for which he gathers several artists to let out their creativity with statues. Traditionally, the campaign ended with an auction for the benefit of a good cause. This year, the social project of football club City Pirates and Kampenhoeve Ster were in the spotlights. Cryns Bodywork Centre could be part of it. 


Good causes


City Pirates is a social football project in Antwerp that, in addition to football, attaches great importance to social commitment. They want to make football approachable to everyone through an accessible policy and intercultural dialogue.

You can find more information on their website.


De Kampenhoeve Ster vzw is a fast-growing donkey and horse centre for asinotherapy (= donkey therapy) and horse therapy that specializes in therapy with children and adults with a mental and / or physical disability. De Kampenhoeve has facilities in both Kampenhout and Wetteren where they offer a wide range of activities and therapies.


Please feel fee to visit their website.


The forty donkeys were auctioned at the Donkey Parade in the Lintse AED Studios. The 250 guests deposited together 71,550 euros, which went entirely to the aforementioned good causes. 


Cryns was the first in row to support this initiative. It brings art and social engagement together and puts social inclusion on the map. When we received the opportunity to participate in the auction, we couldn't help but react enthusiastically. That is why we can call ourselves now the proud owner of "Donkey Sjot", inspired by the story of Cervantes: Don Quixote.


Feel free to visit him in our branch in Zwijndrecht. It is a sign of solidarity towards all people, a value that is close to our hearts.

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